On Which Cases, Google Adsense Accounts Get Blocked?


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30 Tem 2013
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Hi. I'll be explaining about questions mostly like 'How would i get banned from Adsense' or 'What can i do to not to get banned?' in this topic. I got many of investigation about those from many Adsense users and i'll try to explain some of the experiences i've had before. I'm sure there are some Adsense users which reading this topic right now and this topic may be useful for them. This post also may be quite long, good luck to y'all.

Firstly, i'll be starting my topic by explaining some FAQ's. I bet this will be easier and faster! Less time, more info. :)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. I have a higher TBM rate. Will my account get banned?
2- The clicks of my videos' are too high. Will my account get banned?

Answer: The answers for our first two questions are quite simple. If you didn't click on your own ads, used a bot/cheat, violated Google's terms of use, your account won't get banned. Don't forget that Google is always tracking your Adsense account. (You may continue reading this topic to find out what will be tracked and not)

3- Someone didn't like me, he/she's keep clicking my ads on purpose. Will my account get banned?

Answer: No. if it's the same person clicking on your ads, Google will count them as fake clicks. So, you won't earn or lose anything. If you have any doubts regarding it, you may visit this page; https://support.google.com/adsense/contact/invalid_clicks_contact?hl=tr&rd=1

4- I'm working as a Niche. Will my account get banned?

Answer: It depends on which way of you're working. If there aren't any fake clicks, i assume nothing will happen. This is my personal experience though, even though Google does investigate your adsense account, they'll be looking for a way to not to accept you into Adsense. (which they're already doing, lol) That's why, you'll need to take care of your channel status.

5- I'm working as a Spam. Will my account get banned?

Answer: Don't create a channel using your Adsense account's one. If you did, the chance of getting banned is quite high. Otherwise, you won't earn money from the all of accounts those connected to your Adsense account. It can be solved; but i guess it won't make anything problematic, it all depends on your adsense account status.

If you have any other questions, it'll be answered in here too.


When does Google track me?

ALWAYS within the bots.


1. When your clicking rate gets too high
2. When your video's views get too high
3. When your earnings get too high
4. Increment and downgrade of your TBM
5. When they get bored.

But if you didn't make anything wrong, you don't need to get worry. I've some familiar guys which got some earnings from their 20K view. But there are way lots of people who did anything wrong either. :) So, you'll be better to get worry if you did anything. :hehe:

The reasons of the Banned Adsense Accounts (Instant Processes)

1. If you click on your own ads
2. If your friend/someone familiar does.
3. If someone click on them in public areas.
4. This may be important. It isn't allowed you to share your TBM, Clicking Rate etc. in somewhere. You may get banned in case of you get catch if you do that. You are allowed to only share your total earnings.
5. If you make a video about Google and their services or mention about them in descriptions, your account will get banned.
6. You may have multiple adsense accounts per person; however if you keep getting issues with them and Google find out that it's the same person, all of your Adsense accounts will get banned. If your new created Adsense accounts keep getting banned, mostly like it happens cause of this reason. :)

The reasons of the Banned Adsense Accounts (Long Processes - You won't be able to earn money if you take that. And if it's repeated, it also affects the other accounts you've.)

1. Using the Niche tags to fool. (Actually i sometimes use it; but if it's repeated you have a chance to get your Adsense account banned.)
2. Overdoing/abusing on your +16, +18 stuff.
3. Using the view, subscribe and like services unconciously.

To not to get Banned (If Google didn't block you from earning money, you can keep it up. However if you don't follow these rules, it's still possible to get banned.)

1. Add at least 5 tags to your videos.
2. Adding many webpages to your video(s) description.
3. If you work as a 'Spam'.
4. Creating a new Adsense account after you done IP changing and clearing your browser's history.

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